Why Does Popular App YouTube Use AngularJS?

Dreaming about building a successful app like YouTube isn't just enough because there are several parameters that you need to consider before starting working on it. Don't fret! If you leverage the right kind of framework, making an app like YouTube becomes an easy task.

To make the app appealing and robust, YouTube developers also focused on harnessing the best framework that can never fail to give an exceptional experience to the users.

You might hear that people often say that Google acquires both YouTube and Angular; therefore, it is the reason for selecting AngularJS to make a popular app like YouTube.

Why Does Popular App YouTube Use AngularJS?
But is it true?

Maybe! But how can we deny the statistics stating that 21% of developers worldwide utilize AngularJS? Many people hire AngularJS developers to bring their business innovation ideas into the digital landscape every year.

You must be wondering why AngularJS is so significant that YouTube harnesses it or whether I should adopt this framework for my Start-up idea or not.

Don't worry. Keep reading and get all of your queries addressed.

What is AngularJS?

It is a Model-View-Controller framework that helps to build dynamic web applications. In 2010, Google created this open-source framework. It is constantly updating with the recent market growth trends.

AngularJS expands the capability of HTML and eliminates the integration of complex codes. Due to its flexibility, AngularJS has emerged as a top-notch choice for developers to create bespoke mobile apps.

Why has YouTube gained so much popularity?

YouTube is one of the successful video streaming apps that has a magnitude of features. Look at some YouTube statistics that let you know its popularity beyond words.

5 compelling statistics that you should know

1. YouTube is ranked second among the most popular sites with organic traffic in the US and ranked first when the same statistics are analyzed globally.

2. Over 30 million people browse YouTube daily, with 2 billion active viewers each month.

3. Total Daily video views on YouTube is 1 billion hours.

4. YouTube consists of 38 million active channels. Out of which, 15 million are leveraged by content creators, and 22,000 of them have reached the benchmark of 1 million subscribers.

5. YouTube is millennials' second most chosen platform for viewing online videos, right after Netflix.

3 astounding reasons of YouTube is so popular

Free platform
Millions of users still utilize the free version even after the YouTube premium version. YouTube is dominating its competitors because of its free usage in which a user doesn't need to pay for uploading and sharing videos.

Informative content
No matter how good the content is if an app isn't able to provide the content that the user wants to consume. YouTube is one of the platforms that is user-centric, and it is the major reason that makes users fall in love with it. Additionally, YouTube shorts, the new feature, caught the attention of entertainment enthusiasts.

Diversified content
The beauty of this platform is that it can provide a variety of video formats that can easily meet the expectations of all kinds of users. It allows accessing diverse videos in just one click ranging from politics to product reviews to how-to, comedy to gaming, music to movies, and more.

What compels YouTube to utilize AngularJS? 

Many big giants, including YouTube, utilize the open-source framework AngularJS for their app development. Straightaway, discuss the reasons for AngularJS benefits.

Faster page transitions
Certainly, the user can leave a website or an app if the pages take too much time to load. YouTube users need quicker video transitions, and AngularJS helps to speed up page loading while giving a website or an app a native look and enhanced functionalities.

Two-way data binding
It is crucial to maintain synchronization between the view and the model so that any modifications to the data in the model can be seen in the view. It is a reason many companies utilize AngularJS to design custom mobile apps.

Impressive flexibility
You can choose to delete a comment or can hide the comment section in your YouTube account. AngularJS is a client-side framework that allows users to leverage its functionalities to their full potential.

Model View Controller (MVC) design
As YouTube is a rich online application, MVC makes it easier to handle its immensely huge database and user interface successfully.

Get started with an app Like YouTube.

Leveraging AngularJS is a profound choice if you want to develop a popular app like YouTube. You might be thinking about the best Angular JS development company; Zenesys is here to help you! We have a skilled team of proficient developers in their specified areas. Hire Angular Developers from Zenesys who can help develop a robust app to skyrocket your business growth to the next level.

I hope it can help you...

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