6 Angular Best Practices That You Should Know About In 2022

Angular is a front-end and open-source Javascript technology framework. When released in 2010, it immediately gained popularity and support in the developer’s community especially because of its interactive and static HTML pages.

But when other technologies are released, the limitations of Angular Optimization surfaced. That made Google completely rewrite the code of the programming language and launched the Angular typescript language. The choice of shifting from Javascript to Typescript proved to be a masterstroke by Google. This not only removed all drawbacks of Javascript but also helped Google to introduce the features that many web developers were demanding.

And today most front-end development services use the Angular Optimization framework over other technologies. So, to help the Angular community, I have tried to shed light on some of the Angular best practices that you can apply in your development project.

6 Angular Best Practices That You Should Know About In 2022

1. Use Angular CLI

Using Angular CLI is one of the best practices. When you are developing an app with Angular, one of the most potent convenience tools you can use is Angular CLI. It helps you make an application by following the best practices very easily. Angular CLI is used to initialize, develop, structure, maintain, and even test and debug an Angular application.

Also, it can decrease your burden by creating files and folders for you so that you don’t have to do it manually. A developer can use this command-line interface tool to generate new components, directives, modules, services, and pipes.

2. Use Appropriate Angular Operators

A software developer must use Angular operators relevant to the situation, especially when using flattening operators with your observables. For example, you can use a switch map when you want to ignore all the previous emissions because of the new emissions. Also, you can use operators like mergeMap to handle the emissions one by one for concatMap. An exhaust map is used for canceling new emissions.

3. Build Reusable Components for app development

Creating reusable components is an Angular best practice that can save a lot of development time. Assume that you have a piece of user interface that you need to use at many places in your application. What would you do? There is only one solution. Build a component out of it and use the component wherever needed. Though it may need a few changes in the code as per various requirements, it still could save you from a lot of trouble.

Just change the context of the component and the component can adjust accordingly anywhere you place it in the application. You need to use property and event bindings to give inputs and receive outputs.

4. Use of Angular Code Styles best practices

It has been realized that following the standard Angular coding style is making developers’ communities happy instead of a common Angular coding style. So, just make sure your Angular application development complies with the standard Angular coding format.

You must use a clean coding style that is simple, understandable, and can be easily acceptable by other experts of the Angular community. Let us have a look at what exactly these standard Angular coding styles are:

  • The code must not exceed 400 lines limit, per file
  • And per function, the code must not exceed 75 lines
  • Make sure to declare it with ‘const’ (when the values of the variables are intact)
  • To share feature area for all slider component, use Custom Prefix
  • The Angular Developers should always leave a line between imports and modules such as third-party and application imports and third-party modules and custom modules.

5. Cache API calling in the application

Do you want to improve your app performance? If yes, then caching API calls is one of the best Angular practices of 2021 that can help you accomplish your objectives. You can save time and reduce the server load by limiting the server requests to retrieve excess data through caching API calls, especially in eCommerce websites.

When you make an HTTP request, the caching enables the JSON files to store their results which are used to serve whenever you require it again without making any request to the server. This helps users by getting the necessary data every time with lesser response time and by making fewer HTTP requests.

6. Use ES6 Features for Angular services

ES6 stands for ECMAScript 6. It offers the features and syntax required to make modern and clear code. It can be continuously upgraded with added functionalities. Javascript programming has become easier with the use of ES6 features like Let and Const, Arrow Functions, and Object Literals string interpolation.

Final Words

If you want to build a popular and widely used web application then you need to be constantly vigilant when you build it. Because a web development process is a journey where you learn something new every day. This enables you to apply the best practices to make your development process smooth and create an exciting application.

So, I hope you have got an idea about the Angular best practices you can imply in your web development and optimization processes. However, there are many other practices too which you can learn through your own experiences. I wish the best for you and your project. You can share your suggestions and queries in the comment section below. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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